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Hey there, my name is ashlea jade. I'm 20 years old from melbourne australia and I literally have a fashion addiction. I love all things fabulous and classy but Victoria's Secret is one of my favourites next to chanel.

My blog is not a 'VS FAN' blog, but i do post a lot relating to it. I try to keep a good balance of all the things i love, and also lots of pictures from my personal life which are usually fed here via my Instagram.

Previously known as MISSHARLOW
Blogging since: March 09

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For the love of VS
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runwaei: I thank you soooo much! I LOVE YOUR NEW THEME SO MUCH. I've been wanting a gray wooden backround since foreveee. <3 <3 <3 much love to you!

Haha your so sweet! Im glad you love it! LOVEE<3 Ashleigh 

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